Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the size of my hut?

The included chalk line will help you draw a circle of 180cm of diameter. Each willow will be planted every 20cm. You can always decrease the size of your hut by decreasing the length of your chalk line. Hence, planting your willows closer to each other

How tall will my hut be?

Willows grow quite fast. As soon as they reach 1m60, you can bind them together to form your hut. You can choose to let them grow, if you wish to have a taller hut. Once binded, the approximal height is 1m50.

How many centimeters should there be between two willows?

20 cm = length of the sticks!

40cm for the entrance, or two sticks!

No need for a ruler...

How should form the hut?

Once your willows are tall enough, bind them two by two with the chalk line's string. Repeat this as otfen as needed to form your hut

Can I prune my hut ?

Of course. Prune it and reuse cutted willows to feed your rabbits :)

Do I need to use fertilizer?

Nope! It's not necessary

How deep should I plant willows?

As deep as the pot from the kit, about 15 cm. Roots shouldn't be visible once planted to avoid them to dry. If the hole is to deep, it not too big of an issue, willows will tolerate to have a part under the ground

Do I need to water them a lot ?

Like any other plants, willows require their owner to care for them at the beginning. Water them daily after you have planted them. After the first season, willows will have enough roots to grow on their own.

What will happen if I let it grow ?

Our hut will become a big bush, but it will never become a tree.

How long do I need to wait to have a hut?

Willows grow fast. Depending on our the quality of your ground, it will take them up to 3 months to have the necessary height to form a hut.

What happen if I plant my willows after the summer?

Willows will grow slowly during Fall, before loosing their leaves. During Spring, they will start to grow again.


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Will'up - Ma Cabane en Saules c'est:

Une activité de plantation à faire en famille.

Un jeu ludique et naturel accessible à tous les enfants.

Un jeu durable : votre cabane vivra de nombreuses années et est entièrement biodégradable.

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Will’up – Mijn Wilgenhut, staat voor :

Een plantactiviteit voor de hele familie.

Een prettig en natuurlijk spel bestemd voor alle kinderen.

Een duurzaam spel : uw hut zal jarenlang meegaan en is volledig biologisch afbreekbaar.


Will’up – My Willow Hut, it's :

A planting activity for the family.

A natural and fun game for all children.

A long lasting game: your hut will last several years and is made out of biodegradable materials

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